RARA-AVIS: hardboiled board game

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 04 Dec 2001

I just got this from Space Age Recordings. I now know what I want Santa to bring me:

Dollars and Dibble is the controversial new board game about drugs and crime that is causing a stir from free parties to the Houses of Commons. Players adopt an underworld persona, get down on the streets and try to make a name and some money for themselves by committing crimes and buying and selling drugs.

Can you make the right moves and work your way up the three levels of D.A.D to become the Don? Players try to avoid the police, jail and hospital (morally correct pitfalls). As you work your way up the underworld ladder the deals and crimes get bigger, but so do the jail sentences, hospital spells and drop from the top!

Will you drive around in a Porsche, or will all your crimes go wrong and will you bosh all the drugs you were supposed to be selling? Well you can always steal someone else's drugs or become an assassin. Anything is possible in the crazy, funked up, naughty world of D.A.D.
 It's the perfect after party comedown. Dollars and Dibble is old skool. nu skool, it's FEAR and LOATHING meets THE DICE MAN. A world where only one thing is certain, there is nothing fair about this game


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