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From: Kim Colley (
Date: 29 Nov 2001

Hello, all. I'm Kim Colley, and I was on this list back around 1997-98.

on 11/29/01 1:43 PM, Carrie Pruett at wrote:

> On the legal thriller front, I'm finishing up Don Winslow's "California Fire
> and Life" which comes at the law from an unusual angle (fire insurance
> investigation and "bad faith" suits). Though it contains certain glaring
> improbabilities, the cross-examination scenes are exceedingly well-done (not
> quite "My Cousin Vinny" but then what is? ; Winslow was apparently a
> PI/insurance investigator rather than a lawyer, but he obviously paid
> attention.

Thanks for the heads up. I used to work this area from inside the courtroom. Although I generally eschew legal thrillers (as well as movies and tv shows about lawyers), I might give this one a look at the library.

Kim C.
"Don't start tryin' to do the right thing, boy-o. You haven't the practice."
- Capt. Dudley Smith

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