Re: RARA-AVIS: New Reads (Doomfox)

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 26 Nov 2001

In response to my question about why Doom Fox came out so long after Iceberg Slim's other works, Kerry thought:

"No. I speculate that it has to do with Slim being lumped in with the black-spoiltation movement, and that his marketability, marginal to begin with, disappeared as its popularity declined."

I doubt this, as Holloway House has kept all of his other books, and those of Donald Goines, in continuous print. By the way, their books are readily available on their website,, with cheap shipping and occasional sales (though not on their cash cows, Slim and Goines).

So I'm more willing to buy one of the two theories in the lawsuit Jordan brought up (thanks), either there was a falling out with Holloway House or it's an imitation (or pastiche).
  Kerry also asked:

"A question for you: can you recommend any others like Slim?"

Well, I know there are others on the list that are far more familiar than I with black crime writers (Well, George?), but I'll start. Actually, I'll follow up on the authors Jordan mentions: Slim, Goines and Chester Himes. Those are the big names, although I must admit I have not yet read Goines (have a few, but haven't gotten to them). Jordan also brought up Old School (there's a fair amount of discussion of their authors, especially Clarence Cooper, Jr, in the archives) and Payback Press, along with the aforementioned Holloway House. I haven't read many of these, but those I have read have been top notch. Melvin Van Peebles wrote the introductions to Payback's three volumes of The Harlem Cycle by Chester Himes, so why can't they (or someone else) reprint his novel I Was a Bear for the FBI?

Way Past Cool by Jess Mowry is highly recommended, a great story about a small gang of young black friends growing up on the mean streets of Oakland.


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