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Date: 25 Nov 2001

From: "James Winter

> Parker, otoh, said at a recent signing, that what he really wanted to do
> write stand-alones like "Wilderness," "Love and Glory," "All Our
> Yesterdays," etc. Even with his recent western novel, his publishers
> screamed bloody murder. ("Hey! You're killing the cash cow!") I believe
> he still likes writing Spenser, but it's gotten automatic.
> .
> That (taking a break)seems to be the best way to stay fresh. That, or,
as Elmore Leonard
> once said, just don't write series characters. At the very least, a
> needs to take time away from a series.

Crais, perhaps the prominent author clealy influenced by Parker, has done just that. He wrote two stand alones before he went back to the Cole-Pike series. The first was very commercial, and I haven't read the other. Hopefully, he will be able to continue the series refreshed. Mark

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