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Date: 21 Nov 2001

Supe was killed once, but eventually came back with aspects of himself filling in while he was out ... Clark Kent's death was faked due to the risk to his life after years of being associated with Supe ... I believe he's in a witness protection program now. I don't recall hearing about the Cape Crusader dying. He has been knocked out of the action and others have had to fill-in while he recovered. The various individuals who've stood at his side as Robin have had a least one fatality.

CBS News Sunday Morning Critic John Leonard mentioned a Batman run that he'd read in his review of one of the last two Batman movies that he felt was a much better choice for the storyline ... it was a hardboiled piece with the Dark Knight carrying around an office bottle in the glove compartment of the Bat mobile while he worked out his grief over the recent demise of Robin. Don't recall the issue/series title.

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Hasn't this been done to Superman and/or Batman?

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