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Date: 19 Nov 2001

Dennis Lehane covered this last spring during his signing here in DC. I think the author was McBain that he mentioned (the details aren't as important as the gist of the message). He liked the characters and the series, but after five or so books all that was to be learned was known about the main characters. His book, "Mystic River," which he was reading from parallels George P. Pelecanos in using a city as the series with reoccurring characters vice a dedicated few taking the spot light with each edition.

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Of course, the perfect number of books in a series is entirely arbitrary. Some series remain vital, some go on too long. And Gerald, for all the crap I've been giving you (and getting back, not claiming I came out ahead), I've got to agree with your overall way of measuring Chandler vs. Parker. It's like comparing the Beatles and the Stones. The Beatles broke up at a good time. The Stones gathered moss -- what's the last Stones album you cared about?

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