RARA-AVIS: Parker, Hawk and Susan: the Solution

From: Mario Taboada ( matrxtech@yahoo.com)
Date: 16 Nov 2001

Let me reiterate a brilliant idea that I put forth some time ago. Here it is: Parker should have Hawk cheat on him with Susan, so that Spenser comes out of his yuppie stupor and has a showdown with his sidekick. Now the idea trifurcates:

a) Spenser and Hawk calm down like the real buddies they are, talk it over and decide to get rid of Susan (jointly in spirit, but Hawk does the actual work) and have a happy life together ever after (they redecorate Spenser's apartment, they take cooking classes, have intimate evenings by the fireside, and so forth) or

b) Hawk kills Spenser and becomes the hero (with Susan as sidekick). The exchanges between Hawk and Susan *have got* to be more interesting than those between Spenser and Susan. Also, the food they eat may change a bit and the dog may get kicked a few times. All to the good.

c) Spenser kills Hawk (but does not get caught), Susan leaves him because he is no longer *nice*, he starts drinking heavily, eating junk food, whoring, and loses all his clients. He moves to New York, where he becomes a morose semi-bum who, by chance, runs into Scudder at a seedy bar. Scudder gives him some advice on how to do it and they partner as unlicensed detectives. In the course of work, they travel to New Orleans, where they meet Clete Purcel, to whom they take an instant liking. The Scudder, Purcel & Spenser Detective Agency becomes a reality and a legend in New Orleans. At the end, they all end up shooting one another over the quality of the takeout jambalaya. It had to happen.



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