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From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 15 Nov 2001

Mark S. wrote:

>Shouldn't that be "honky big holes"?

No, Honky Big Holes was that white rapper on Ice-T's label for a while in the early nineties, Mark... Gee, and you claim you know pop music? For shame...

As for Richard's perceptive comments on Hawk, McBride, etc., just a thought on this:

>But I will say I am troubled by the
>concept of a black guy doing the dirty work for a white guy. I grew up in
>the south and, brother, do I know that story.

See, I'm not troubled at all by Hawk being black, but then, I didn't grow up in the South. And I know race is a bigger issue in the States than here (though, of course, Canada has its own problems with race), and it's a card that seems to show up in a lot of decks. It's just the unfortunate pairing of white Spenser and black Hawk that bothers some folks. After all, Mouse is black and Pike is white, and nobody says "Boo!" But I honestly feel Parker was aiming more for Chingcachook than Tonto when he paired his detective with a non-white partner. And his aim wasn't to play up to the stereotype, but to play with it, and ultimately dismantle it.

And there's the fact that Parker is from Boston, and race is a different game there, I think. Granted, I haven't travelled all over the States, but one of the recurring memories I have of Boston is the surprising number of inter-racial couples I saw in the Cambridge/Boston axis -- on subways, street corners, malls, bars, etc. It was cool, and nobody seemed to blink an eye (though this wasn't South Boston or somewhere like that). But at the Bouchercon in D.C. (or at least Virginia -- part of the South, right?) an innocent and harmless observation about me being the only white guy on a bus from New York provoked the worried but apparently sincere question
"Did they bother you?"

Now, these are quick snaps, but I think it goes a long way to explaining how we can all be reading the same book, but somehow all getting different stories and thoughts on Hawk and his sidekick, the Irish guy.


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