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From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 07 Nov 2001

Carrie wrote,

> Well, I can't answer this for Mr. Healy, but I thought the first Cuddy,
> "Blunt Darts" was a great read. Can't speak to how well it captures
> as I've only spent a very short time there, (maybe 2 days total, in the
> early '90s, doing very touristy stuff) but I did get a good sense of place
> from the book. I've been told it is a good idea to read this series in
> order as Cuddy goes through a lot of changes.

Carrie, Boston is a city of extremes.It has a high crime rate yet is a a giant college town and scientific and financial center. For tourists it still has places like Fanuiel Hall and Copley Square as reminders of it's White Protestant history, but now it is controlled by the Irish along with other ethnic groups Any author showing any one aspect of the city could be seen as valid to some extent. Mr Healy's Boston is not as raw as Higgins' or Lehane's, but gets the spirit of the working or middle class city better than Robert Parker's..

 Even though perforce I haven't always done it, I think it's usually better to read a series in order and Cuddy does change through the series. If you want to read only one of the books solely to get a picture of the city I would vote for Right to Die. Mark

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