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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 05 Nov 2001

And I had a reasonably good time at my first B-con, and was very glad to meet, even when very briefly, Bill, Neil, Vicki Hendricks, a range of people on ShortMystery including Mark Troy and G. Miki Hayden, Joe Lansdale, and a slew of fans and booksellers. Sorry to have missed the rest of you (and the GUN MONKEYS pamphlet)!

A quick (invidious?) comparison to my first sf/fantasy WorldCon, MilPhil, over Labor Day weekend, leads to a note that BoucherCon starts its programming too damned early, but has panels which hew to their announced topics much more readily; has a smaller feel, since it runs about a third the attendance, but is rather similar in format, down to too much going on simultaneously too often (my friendly acquaintance Douglas Winter, as Neil notes, superbly interviewing Lansdale when they could be heard over the uproar of the Agony panel on the other side of a removable partition, was also simultaneous with a largely ShortMystery-populated session; Pelecanos was up against Ed Hoch and others including Neil, as he notes, talking about short fiction).

I must admit that the huckster with a cracked and battered reading copy of one of MacDonald's McGees going for about a C-note handed me a laugh, while I toted my $1-3 GM/Crest titles of Peter Rabe, Robert Bloch (actually, ATOMS AND EVIL was in vg+, much better than my previous copy, although THE STAR STALKER was fair), Vin Packer, et al., from Mary Mason's booth.

Richard Moore's suggestion of ordering the tapes of the sessions one missed is a good one; I certainly took advantage of the service so as to not have to miss too much, and indeed listened to the Roszan/Pelecanos conversation as I drove back from Virginia last night, after DC's WAMU's radio drama package THE BIG BROADCAST faded/was interfered with by the yuppie rock station in Philadelphia on the same frequency, in northern Maryland. It is quite good, comparable to the Winter/Lansdale (I also bought Hoch's GOH speech and the "Homage to Vlad the Impaler" panel, as as much horror as hardboiled guy, and these were two sessions I'd missed).


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> > Just got in from Washington. I had to leave early this morning,
so I missed
> > Pelecanos' panel. As far as I know, he wasn't at the convention
on any of
> > the other days. I did meet Todd Mason, Kevin Burton Smith, and
> > (though he might not remember it).

I saw you at the Lansdale panel, since he pointed you out. That was a fun one. Lot of good discussion in there.

I missed George P.'s panel too, since I was on the Short Story panel at the same time. But I raced upstairs to ask him to sign a couple books as soon as I could.

All in all, a fun and outstanding weekend. I hope all the Rara-Avans in attandence got one of the Gun Monkeys chapbook sneak previews.

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