RE: RARA-AVIS: Red Harvest

Date: 25 Oct 2001

From: Carrie Pruett

I recently finished Hammett's "Red Harvest" and I'm leading a discussion on it for another list. This is a pretty sophisticated group of mystery readers with very diverse tastes and while we've had a few bursts of enthusiasm for the book, most reactions are along the lines of "dated,"
"dull," "I didn't care what happened to any of these people."

So I know I'm taking aim at a sacred cow but does anyone agree with me that Red Harvest doesn't hold up very well? Was this ever a popular success in novel form?

Well, RED HARVEST is my favorite Hammet novel, so I guess I disagree. It contains some of Hammett's sharpest writing and is not dull or dated by my lights. I'd be interested in what books from the 1920's this group thinks are not dull or dated.


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