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Date: 25 Oct 2001

>I wonder if the 87th precinct is a case where the author's innovations
>have become so assimilated into our idea of the police procedural that we
>don't even appreciate them for what they are (sort of like the proverbial
>student who complained that Hamlet was unoriginal because the characters
>used so many familiar expressions). I've read one McBain book (Hail Hail
>the Gang's all here) and though I thought it was fine, I don't feel the
>need to rush out and get a lot more. If you've seen enough "Hill Street
>Blues" or "Homicide" ("Law & Order" less so because of the single case,
>start to finish approach) or really any type of ensemble episodic
>television (a lot of the doctor and lawyer shows fit the mold as well as
>the cop shows) you pretty much know what to expect.

         As I recall, "Hail Hail" is not one of the better 87th Precinct offerings. Not that it's bad, mind you. But it's not as good as some of the others. Basically, "Hail Hail" was an effort to get all of the major and minor players from the books together in one book.

         For a better 87th precinct read, I recommend "Fuzz." "Calypso" and "Ghosts" are good as well.


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