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Date: 01 Oct 2001

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<< Have you seen this or are you going on the buzz? I like the idea of this film, but the trailer makes it look like a cliche-fest. I also heard that the film was edited to remove similarities to the RL Rampart division scandal, which is kinda lame, though I don't know the whole story on that. >>

Saw the film last friday. It paints a vivid picture of some of L.A.'s gang territories. The action gets a little big at the end for the otherwise realistic tone, particularly in the amount of physical punishment an individual can endure. However, if this is the direction crime/action/hardboiled/noir films are going, I will gladly tag along.

I wouldn't discount a movie based on the trailer. Movies are (hopefully) made by film makers. Trailers are cobbled together by marketing departments.

John Lau

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