RARA-AVIS: Bruen/absurdist comedy

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 05 Sep 2001

Mark, I had no sense from your original post that Ken Bruen was doing a Brit sendup of Ellroy. I also did not have that sense from reading him. If it was meant as absurdist comedy, it missed the mark with me. Not a glimmer of a smile crossed my face as I struggled through the tired seriel killer plot and a gaggle of unbelievable characters. I was actually intrigued by the thought of using a cricket background but he wasted it.

I am tempted by the novel by Bruen you mentioned with the manic depressive lead character and may give it a try if I can forget the one I read by him. Perhaps I will try it after my next electro shock therapy session.

Oh, and I mentioned Pelecanos because I did not want you to think I disliked the tough stuff. I almost used Ellroy or Derek Raymoned, two other favorites who might have served my purpose better. They can be tough, they can be bleak but their characters also come to life.

My current reading has marked a return to Michael Collins. Just finished THE BRASS RAINBOW (1969) and very much enjoyed it. The plotting was a bit flawed here and there and too complicated by half but I loved meeting Dan Fortune again and I think I appreciate the attitude expressed more than I did twenty years ago. Next up is Collins' BLUE DEATH (1975).

Richard Moore

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