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Date: 04 Jul 2001

I'll tell you why I still doubt it ... the Library of Congress lists ghost writers and other authors who are attributed to works that are copyrighted there and there's no mention of Craig Rice being an author of any works other than those directly attributed (it also lists who Craig really is as well). Acknowledged fact would be Gypsy Rose Lee stating that Craig Rice wrote her books in a biography or correspondence between the two or a publisher's statement or a contract, etc., something stated first hand. Someone saying it's so isn't acknowledged fact. I'm not saying it's not so, but I wouldn't be stating it as fact without harder evidence to that point. If you're wrong you are doing a great disservice to the author. I watched a biography piece on A&E about Gypsy Lee Rose and there's no mention whatsoever of her not being the author. Granted, they may have gotten it wrong but they are typically rather thorough in their documentaries including information such as Craig Rice being the ghost writer of the works attributed to GLR being a norm not an exception.

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I believe it's not opinion, but an acknowledged fact. It's in so many bibliographies (Hubin's, for example) that I find it very hard to not believe it. Rice did lots of other ghostwriting jobs, George Sanders for example.
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