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Date: 04 Jun 2001

>Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 15:09:12 -0000
>From: "r-and-jclinton" < r-and-jclinton@msn.com>
>Subject: RARA-AVIS: Howard Browne's INCREDIBLE INK...
>Thought I'd start off this month's "theme" - Howard Browne - by asking if
>anyone's read the hc collection, INCREDIBLE INK, published by Dennis
>McMillan? Pretty spendy, but looks interesting - worth buying? Comments?
>Ron Clinton

Having enjoyed everything by Browne I've read, yes, I'd love to get INCREDIBLE INK, also.

But, Dennis McMillan's stuff _is_ a bit, well, *pricey*. But I've learned my lesson: still kicking myself for being unaware of the Fred Brown canon
(19 ss collections, plus THE OFFICE) while they were vaguely affordable, I
*am* buying his Charles Willeford volumes as they are offered. Even if my only 'income' is S.S. Disability. (In fact I just ordered the latest, yesterday.)

Be that as it may, what I'm guessing is the most interesting portion (at least to me) of INCREDIBLE INK is

A Brief Memoir By Howard Browne

...and it just happens to be on-line, at the McMillan website:




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