Re: RARA-AVIS: Boston Teran

From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 23 May 2001

Craig wrote about Teran's new book:

"The characters never really came to life. They weren't people I cared about one way or the other, and that made the book a lot less affecting than it could have (should have) been."

I was wondering about this book when I saw it in a store the other day. One question about your statement, though, do you mean you do not care about them as people or as characters? I guess what I'm asking is if you can find reprehensible characters worth reading about, which recasts my question as were they bad people or cardboard characters, never fleshed out and, maybe, a bit boring for that reason? If I read you correctly, I think you are saying the latter, that they weren't distinctive enough to really involve you.

"Should I still give _God is a Bullet_ a try?"

There was a lot of discussion about this book around the time it came out if you feel like searching the archives. I liked it overall as an updated version of John Ford's The Searchers, but it had some of the same problems you point out of the new one. The characters seem as much types as individuals, so one character's conversion, for instance, does not seem nearly as big a deal as I think it is supposed to be.


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