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From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 10 May 2001

THE SECOND BLACK LIZARD ANTHOLOGY, also assembled by Gorman, is a fatter affair I like even better than the first, including a complete novel. I liked the first a bit more thoroughly than you did, and I'm the one, even considering HAMMETT, which I like enormously, who thinks Gores is even more impressive at shorter lengths (judging by H and the two DKA novels I've read...I have a lot of painless research to come)...if the man never wrote more than "The Second Coming," "Goodbye, Pops," and "Watch for It," all anthologized at least once each, he would be remembered. "Watch for It" particularly smacked my young self around as much as anything by Paul Cain or any of the ultraboiled followers. TM

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Kind of a hit or miss affair, I thought, but worth getting for Pronzini's "A Cold, Foggy Day"; Whittington's "Swamp Search"; Gault's very fine "Take Care of Yourself", the first Joe Puma story I've read; Robert Edmond Alter's "A Killer in the Dark"; and Joe Gores absolutely superb "The Second Coming", which I'm pretty sure I read in another anthology -- perhaps THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PULP FICTION? Somebody here speculated that Gores real talent may be in the short story realm
-- I haven't read enough of his books to really say yea or nay, but this is certainly better than the two novels of his I've read.

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