RARA-AVIS: British Books in the U.S.

From: bearlodge ( bearlodge@email.msn.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2001

Welcome back to Mario Taboada. I've wondered where you were.

I don't know about some of the British writers mentioned, but I've found Mark Timlin's books in Vancouver, British Columbia at a chain called Chapters. I understand that recently Chapters has been the victim of a takeover. I had been able to search Chapters via the internet and will presume that the new chain, whatever it's called will also have a website. Chapters made it less expensive, both for the book and for the mailing, for customers in the states. I'll try to report when I learn who the new owners are and if they have a website. Or perhaps Bill or Kevin Burton Smith can tell us.

Cheers, Frank Denton

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