RARA-AVIS: british imports

From: Charles and Betty Shafer ( CShafer@chipsnet.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2001

I'm getting in on this British books stuff late, mostly because I know and respect Bill's rules about blowing ones own horn. But the fact is I have personal knowledge with British imports. The good part is they published me. A very good part, which I'll always appreciate. It was via Crime Time Publishing, a subsidiary of No Exit Press. They hired a US distributor and sent over a couple thousand copies. The bad part was because of the shipping expense they had to ask $9.95 retail for a paperback novel. A hard sale any way you look at it. How it goes with other books varies, I belive.

Please understand, I'm not trying to sell my book, just telling my experience.

Charlie Taylorville, IL

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