RARA-AVIS: McGee on maids

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 08 Apr 2001

From A PURPLE PLACE FOR DYING. McGee doesn't think maids take pride in their work.

| I went out and found their ice machine and came back and fixed a drink
| in a tumbler that came in a little wax bag explaining that it had been
| Steem-Sterilized. It had a little flake of raspberry lipstick on the
| edge of it. Presumably that had been Steem-Sterilized too. I should
| report it to the Sheriff. The usual efficient process is for the room
| maid to wipe the glasses on the used bath towels of the previous guests
| and then pop them into those comforting little bags. Next she wipes the
| john seat with the same towels, then slips the paper ribbon on it,
| acclaiming its astonishing sterility. Then, with the beds made, she
| goes trundling off, pushing her square-wheeled cart, kicking the doors
| of the sleepers, clearing her throat with a ringing whock-tooey into the
| shrubbery, screaming her early morning greetings to her friends three
| blocks away.


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