RARA-AVIS: Hi, folks

From: Mario Taboada ( matrxtech@yahoo.com)
Date: 09 Apr 2001

After a long hiatus, I've finally able to get back to the list -- and to hardboiled fiction.

Recently read and enjoyed:

Donald Westlake's The Busy Body (1966). A really fine thriller, teetering between hardboiled and humorous caper. His fiction has tremendous staying power. I had missed this one, but it's worth checking out.

Lawrence Block's Sometimes They Bite (1983). A great collection of short stories spanning two decades. Some are hilarious, and a few are bone-chilling, pure horror. Two are ultrahardboiled. If you find this book, don't pass it up.

Hugh Pentecost's Remember to Kill Me (1988), which catches the veteran writer in a midboiled mood but with chops intact. Some unusually good dialogue, suspense througout, and here and there the touches that give away the former pulpster. I found this paperback by chance (library sale).

Best regards,

Mario Taboada

* Mario Taboada * matrxtech@yahoo.com *

"The world does not contain any information. It is as it is." I. Illich, _Tools for Conviviality_.

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