Re: RARA-AVIS: John Connelly

Date: 06 Apr 2001

I don't know if this is the same guy, but someone I respect recommened EVERY DEAD THING by John Connolly. I found the story to be grisly and convuluted and his prose style, to my taste, almost impenetrable. In the end, I simply didn't care.

But I like terse guys like say, Don Winslow. Or conversational ones like Donald Harstad, to name a couple of fairly new voices I've read lately.

And speaking of conversational prose styles, Elmore Leonard these days is getting so breezy as to be almost non-existent. Someone on the list recently said he consults more with his Hollywood agent than his literary one. PAGAN BABIES and BE COOL seem to bear out this theory as Dutch is now writing roles instead of characters. And his plots can easily be condensed into 120 pages of script.

John Lau

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