RARA-AVIS: Australian mystery issue

From: Naomi Hoida ( hoida@tokyo.se.fujitsu.co.jp)
Date: 30 Mar 2001

Before I posted about Australian mystery and got some helpful responses. Thank you for the kind advices.

I received the latest issue of Hayakawa Mystery Magazine three days ago. The magazine featured some short stories by Australian writers, and some essays and news about Australian mystery.

I do not read the short stories yet, because I was busy to read some mystery novels and write the reviews for my regular column. VIRGIN HEAT by Laurence Shames was the most fun which I read in that time.

But I read the essay by David Honeybone as soon as I received the magazine. It is written excellently and I could grasp the overview and the short history clearly. Australian mystery become close to me.

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