RARA-AVIS: MWA special award for Michael Collins

From: Jiro Kimura ( jkimura@nsknet.or.jp)
Date: 12 Mar 2001

Geir wrote;
> >Also, what won Collins (Lynds) the Edgar?
>As he got the Edgar in 1968 and a special award in 1969, I guess it was
>the first Fortune books that brought the awards. Act of Fear (first
>Fortune) in 1967 and The Brass Rainbow (second) in 1969.

Michael Collins got only one Edgar. Yes, Collins got the Edgar for ACT OF FEAR (1967) as the best first novel. The special award in 1969 is, in fact, a nomination for his short story, "Succession of a Mission," (Argosy, Aapril 1968) as by William Arden.

Those days, the MWA nominations were called special awards (or special scrolls, for nominees were given paper scrolls). Many people (including nominees themselves) misunderstood the special awards for the real McCoys. Maybe that's why they deep-sixed this misnamed "special award."

More confusingly, these special awards are confusingly different from the special Edgars, which are given with the Edgar statues for some special works, mostly biographies or bibliographies such as Allen J. Hubin's first edition of THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CRIME FICTION, or Mike Nevins' biography on Ellery Queen.

Therefore, be careful when reading mystery writers' biographies. Writers themselves sometimes misunderstand these awards.

I hope I did not confuse you more. Jiro Kimura

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