RARA-AVIS: stereotypes

From: J. Alec West ( Alec@NovelHost.net)
Date: 20 Jan 2001

Kevin Burton Smith wrote (regarding Julie Smith's Skip Langdon novels):

> If she relies on stereotypes, that may just mean she's a lazy, or
> lousy writer.

-- or a writer who's found a formula that "sells." Just wanted to put my own two cents in. I interviewed Smith for Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine a few years ago. I got no indication from her of being a prejudiced person -- with perhaps the exception of a prejudice against religious zealots. But, having once been on Jim Jones' (remember the Jonestown massacre?) "enemies" list, that's an understandable prejudice. I agree with Kevin that the "prejudice" bandwagon is sometimes a bit too easy to hop on.

BTW, speaking of stereotypes, here's a hardboiled reversal of sorts ... just heard on today's news. Actor Denzel Washington is apparently tired of always getting nothing but good-guy roles. His next movie project (can't remember title) will have him playing a crooked cop ... and one scene that "slipped out" in the reporting of this project has Washington forcing a fellow officer to use angeldust -- at gunpoint. Will the screenplay writer be accused of racism because Washington is cast as a bad-cop? Maybe, maybe not ... but he did
"sell" the screenplay.

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