RARA-AVIS: Albert Salmi

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 05 Jan 2001

Thanks Sandra for directing me to your web bio on Albert Salmi. I was the one who posted the message about Salmi's death based on the original press coverage. I didn't realize there were alternative theories to murder-suicide. I was also surprised to learn that he was born in Brooklyn of Finnish parents. With his identification with western parts, I assumed he was from some place like Idaho. My first memory of him was his magnificent performance in the TV version of "Bang the Drum Slowly" with Paul Newman. God, that was in 1956. I'm such a geezer!

The upcoming Mitchum bio is a must-buy for me. The man jumped off the screen despite, or perhaps, because of his effortless appearing style. Even in his early apprentice movies such as "The Human Comedy," where he had a small part as a soldier, he shined. And, yeah, despite his age, I loved him as Philip Marlowe in "Farewell My Lovely." I can't speak for the rest of the world but in the US south, where I grew up, he was the male icon. We all knew that on-screen or off he wouldn't start anything but he could finish anything that anyone else started. In a society where physical challenges were common this was greatly admired. We all wanted to be the guy, quietly admired and feared, that nobody would fuck with.

Richard Moore

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