From: marianne.macdonald@lineone.net
Date: 25 Dec 2000

>Snatch premiered in London while I was there in August. ......... It played
for a week in
>L.A. for Academy Award consideration. Guess what. Fortunately it'll be
>in the spring. Everybody I know who saw it in Sydney thought it was the
Confirmed -- but it wasn't particularly well received in the UK and although I didn't see it either, I remember it didn't play for long. The critics thought it was a disappointment after LS.

Incidentally, I saw LA Confidential two nights ago (seeing movies very late seems to be a habit of mine) and if anybody else hasn't seen it yet
-- do. Very solid stuff, beautifully designed and well acted. And great fun seeing whatsisname (sorry...damn...James Cromwell) being "nice" to fellow officers rather than a small pig.

Back to the bottle and the turkey. Have a.



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