RARA-AVIS: Solid relationships

From: KS ( gsp.schoo@skylinc.net)
Date: 15 Dec 2000

They seem a bit cosy for hardboil, and maybe that's because of their relationship, but when it comes to stable loving couples, what about Nick and Nora Charles? Okay, it was only one book, but Hammett seemed to have them pretty firmly stapled even before the movie series.

And now, in the other rara-avis thread, we discover Shayne not only cooked, but he cooked pretty early on, and in Miami, outside the LA/NY axis. Neither of these folks are Marlowe, but I don't think we can claim these innovations as Parker's either.

But there is no denying Parker's influence and popularity. If he didn't advance the genre, he certainly kept his thumb on the page for a few decades. And I'll admit Spenser is not identical to Marlowe, even if the only advance would be to update a rigid moral code, so technically he's not a clone. He's more like Son of Marlowe, with an fatal genetic flaw.

I mean, why couldn't Hawk be the psychiatrist, and let Susan kick the ass?


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