RARA-AVIS: Plots With Guns interim update

From: a.n.smith ( ansmith@netdoor.com)
Date: 14 Dec 2000

I mentioned it last night, but here's the official word:

While we won't post a full issue of new fiction and art until January 8th, Plots With Guns has added some interim content to tide you over for the Holidays.

Check it out at http://www2.netdoor.com/~ansmith

One striking thing you should notice is the sneak preview of artwork from Jesse Moore of Rawshark Studios, the guest artist and designer for the January issue, our "Black & White" theme issue--art and text and background stripped to your noir movie color scheme: black, white, and lots of gray areas.

After all the lousy end-of-the-year lists I've seen, I asked some Crimedogs to offer opinions on the best hard-boiled work of the past year. I then pretty much disenfranchised them and did whatever I wanted (not entirely. I'm not THAT much of a monster). But we've got a good BEST OF 2000 stew for you. Some hot stuff.

We're debuting Victor Gischler's column HARD-BOILED DIXIE. Formerly a weekly column at Themestream.com, Gischler decided to jump ship. We're glad he did. This time out, he gives you a candid look at the origins of our little crime-zine.

Also, the second installment of J. Michael Blue's IN PRAISE OF THE UNDER-APPRECIATED looks st the work of one of my fave authors, and an important guy in the field, GEORGE P. PELECANOS. If you haven't stumbled onto his books yet, then go search for some now. I'll give you a few days before I come and check up on you.

So, our holiday present to you, and please mark your calendars for the 8th. New work from Crimedogs Subarton, Blue, Wolven, McElhenny, and Lessig, with vicious newcomers Ray Nayler and Mike MacLean. Oh, man, what a way to start the REAL new millennium.

Growling, Anthony Neil Smith Co-Editor, Plots With Guns

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