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From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 29 Nov 2000

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, eddie hermanson wrote:

> i have a couple questions i hope y'all can answer. one is the titles of the
> mcgee series. whats up with the color scheme involved in the titles?? is
> there somethind there i should know aboout? lavander, crimson, blue,
> cimmimon, amber, indigo, there something here that is pertinet to
> the mcgee series? the colors of the titles must have some meaning?? the
> second is what books other than cape fear had been made into movies?? i
> anticipate a response. ed.

I don't know about the books and colours (I don't even like the books), but surprisingly few of MacDonald's books have been made into films. Robert Clouse directed "Darker than Amber" in 1970, with Rod Taylor as McGee, and then someone else directed a TV movie "Travis McGee" in 1983. This was based on "The Empty Copper Sea" and it has Sam Elliott as McGee
(probably without a mustache!). There's also Alfred Nu񥺧s "A Flash of Green" from the mid-eighties. The earliest MacDonald film is however Edmond O'Brien's "Man-Trap" (1961) that is based on some short story and is without McGee. All these films are said to be minor. So, "Cape Fear" is the only good MacDonald movie - if you can handle Scorsese's heavy-handedness. I haven't seen the first version of the film, but everyone seems to like it.


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