RARA-AVIS: john d macdonald

From: James Rogers ( jetan@ionet.net)
Date: 29 Nov 2000

-----Original Message----- From: Juri Nummelin < jurnum@utu.fi> To: rara-avis@icomm.ca < rara-avis@icomm.ca> Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 3:16 AM Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: john d macdonald So, "Cape Fear" is the only good MacDonald movie - if you can handle Scorsese's heavy-handedness. I haven't seen the first version of the film, but everyone seems to like it.


       The original is much better than the remake.....not as brutal or as frankly sexual but much more atmospheric and suspensful. Mitchum really does seem like some kind of Uberman and doesn't chew the scenery the way DeNiro did in the remake. You should catch this one sometime.


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