From: Steve Miller ( readingbear@earthlink.net)
Date: 28 Nov 2000

Bill said:

> While I was picking up FLASHFIRE on Friday in the local mystery bookstore,
> I picked up the November issues of FIRSTS, which has a cover story on
> collecting Dashiell Hammett, by William Nolan if I remember right.
> There's also an article about the movie versions of THE MALTESE FALCON,
> but Eddie Duggan's all over that already and it said nothing new.
> They did an article on collecting Chandler earlier this year, it seems,
> and one on Willeford a while back. The magazine is hard to find here, and
> I haven't seen those issues.
Bill: I can never find FIRSTS in stores here in Ohio either. I'm not sure it's on the newsstand. I subscribe and I devour every issue, even though I'm not what you would really call a collector. Patrick Milliken of this list has written some great pieces on K

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