RARA-AVIS: Arthur Lyons and Gerald Petrievich

From: Steve Miller ( readingbear@earthlink.net)
Date: 28 Nov 2000

Martha observed:

> I apologize if this has already come up, but I picked up a
> poster at the local book trade show for a book called Death on the Cheap
> by Arthur Lyons. Subtitled The Lost B Movies of Film Noir, with a
> foreword by Gerald Petrievich. I'm presuming this is the Arthur Lyons
> who wrote the Jacob Asch mysteries and who we discussed quite a bit at
> one point last year. It's out this month, but I haven't seen it
> anywhere. Anyone seen or read it and care to weigh in with an opinion?
> Martha

I saw this at a local Border's and judging from the author bio, it's the same Lyons. I found it ironic that two of my favorite HB writers from the 80's, both missing in action for way too long, are together. I'm glad to see Lyons writing again, but wish he'd give us another Asch. Bob Randisi mentioned earlier this year that Lyons seemed to be disillusioned by the whole publishing racket and even resigned his PWA membership. Petrievich, I heard, was making money in Hollywood.

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