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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 24 Nov 2000

Thanks to all who helped to clarify the riddle launched by Otto Penzler about 'Hot Springs'. Anyway
(and unfortunately for us) Crumley is not very prolific with writings of any genre... My question was more to check if I had to really forget about the period of 20 years over, Penzler was referring to, when I was trying to make a list of Crumley's *crime* short stories. In my Web pages Hard-Boiled Mysteries I introduced in 1996 a page about Crumley, wherein I was finally avoiding any short-story list (and that was before Penzler's collection) by this excellent writer. So I only listed the novels- in addition to a short bio and my introduction to the writer, as well as a full review of his novel 'The Mexican Tree Duck', all in the Web pages of H-B M.

I agree with Kevin that most of the time first- or reprint does not matter, only the quality of the story... unless the writer introduced big changes for some reason.

And we agree 'Hot Springs' is a very good one! Even to the point that it was cruel (IMO) to bound in the same volume ('Murder for Love') Crumley's story and Carol Higgins Clark ' one (who's the daughter of you know who- and you know who did not do much better in the same collection). Baby Clark's story was written with less style than a CNN political news anchorman's report, or even than some junior high school pupils I know of. I know also a lot of "first" short stories by obscure would-be writers that fly miles over that pitiful exercise. Yeah, cruel, really. Is there in the USA such an organization as SPCW (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Writers)? Lodging an official complaint there would be a humane gesture....

E.Borgers Hard-Boiled Mysteries

--- Kevin Burton Smith <> wrote:
> But, first printing, or reprint, who cares? It's
> still a good story.
> I mean, gimme a good reprint over a first edition of
> crap any day.

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