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Date: 19 Nov 2000

I didn't read the complete series, I think.

As I already pointed out here, another novel of interest is 'Backfire', but as stated since the earlier discussions about Dan J. Marlowe, 'The Name of the Game is Death' remains his top one.

Last week I came across an interview Marlowe gave to a specialist French magazine (magazine defunct now) in 83 or 84, wherein he specifically mentioned that amongst his production his preferred novels were:
'..Game ...' - we all agree with this one and 'The Vengeance Man' (1967)- which I read long time ago but it did not strike me as being a real achievement.

To be noted that the idea of a series came long after
'...Game..' (1962) was published. 'One Endless Hour' is dated 1969. In the same interview, Marlowe admitted that he rewrote parts of his series novels for later re-issues, partly to update the background of some characters- but no details about some other things affected. He stated that "...Game ..." was the book with the most re-writing all along the several re-issues. As for Drake he was a gangster in the 3 first novels of the series to become a kind of secret agent in the following epiodes, under the pressure of Fawcett.

It seems Marlowe wrote a total of 26 novels, as he started as a writer only in 1956, when he was already 43 years old. He died in 1986.

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--- Mark Sullivan <> wrote:
> I will after I've finished Operation
> Fireball. This is the third Earl Drake book I've
> read. I'm about a
> third of the way through. I knew there was supposed
> to be a drop-off in
> the series, I think it may begin here. Name of the
> Game is Death was
> great. Endless Hour was also very good. This one
> isn't bad, just seems
> kind of slack after those two. So they get worse?
> Also, are there any other recommended Dan J. Marlowe
> books beyond these
> and the great standalone Four for the Money?

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