RARA-AVIS: weird movie stuff

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 14 Nov 2000

Juri, I am amazed that the string connected with the same director of Plunder Squad. Then reading of his other movies, the guy must have been a Gold Medal fan.

"Cockfighter" is a real favorite of mine, despite the fact that it cost me my family video-choosing privileges for years and may have contributed to the end of my marriage. Okay, so a few years ago I was given the task of choosing two videos to watch and I chose "Cockfighter" and "Breakfast With Blassie" with Andy Kaufman. Does that make me demented?

"Cockfighter" was filmed in my home state of Georgia on a shoestring budget but knowing nothing of Willeford at the time, it made no impression even though I was aware of the production. Only when I became familiar with Willeford the writer did I check it out. Any movie with Warren Oates and Harry Dean Stanton has a lot going for it. Oates handled the mute lead role very well. Willeford was perfect for his part. And I even enjoyed Millie Perkins and Troy Donahue as extra doses of weirdness. I loved the ending but it revolted my already disgusted wife.

Oh well, if she had stuck it out she could be here with me in Brussels about to enjoy "Goodbye Pork Pie."

Richard Moore

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