RARA-AVIS: Oliver Bleeck

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 20 Oct 2000

Bill, I like the "Oliver Bleeck" series about go-between Philip St. Ives and NO QUESTIONS ASKED is one of the best. It was one of my recent reads and I found it had the great characters and good dialog expected in anything by Ross Thomas. It also had fewer of the faults found in his longer novels. St Ives is a bit more human in QUESTION. While I enjoy the series, St. Ives is a bit too detached and indistinct to rank most of the entries with Thomas' top work. It has been years since I read THE HIGH BINDERS but my memory is that it is not one of the better Bleecks. Another very good one is THE PROCANE CHRONICLE, although a few of the plot twists are difficult to swallow.


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