RARA-AVIS: Get Carter

From: billha@ionet.net
Date: 10 Oct 2000

Looks like no one is actually going to see the new "Get Carter," so I'll quote from a review from today's Dallas Morning News. The headline is
"Stallone slums it in 'Carter,'" and the film is immediately compared to Mel Gibson's Payback as another film based on a old "seedy crime yarn" that will make money. However, the protagonist comes to a different end than in the original (oops, spoiler). The writer (Chris Vognar) observes, "Suffice it to say that nihilistic climaxes just don't play well in this brand new century." Michael Caine has a cameo in this film.

Still, the reviewer goes on, the new version of Carter "isn't half as bad as it could have been, and nowhere near low enough to hide from the press (which Warner Bros. did anyway)." Stallone "shapes the role to his limited range and makes the most of the film's world-weary tone."

Vognar ends by urging one and all to rent the "real deal" (the original) in order to properly appreciate the remake--both for what it fails to do and what it gets right.

Now if I could just find an original to rent, I'd almost be tempted to go.

Bill Hagen billha@ionet.net

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