RARA-AVIS: Philip Atlee again

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 03 Oct 2000

I've been reading that interview in Espionage magazine again, and, as I said, it's very interesting. Atlee seems to have gotten along fine with his brother, David Atlee Phillips, who was in the CIA. They had no personal contact and did not correspond for years because Atlee was afraid his brother would get accused of giving him information for the books. Atlee didn't want his brother to get in trouble, or at least that's they way he tells it. He also tells about his work with John Wayne of BIG JIM MCLAIN and with Robert Mitchum on THUNDER ROAD (a classic!). He actually visited the places he wrote about, and says that the Gold Medal editors didn't even know where he was most of the time. He used the books to finance his travels. If you can get a copy of the interview, by all means read it.

Bill Crider

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