RARA-AVIS: Re: Sam S. Taylor's Neal Cotten

From: Paul Hartshorne ( paul@day1.demon.co.uk)
Date: 21 Sep 2000

Juri Nummelin wrote:
>I posted this query once and try it again now: There are three
>P.I. books from the fifties about Neal Cotten by one Sam S. Taylor. What
>I want to know is if this is the same Sam Taylor who wrote scripts for
>Harold Lloyd and other comedians from the twenties on.

Interesting that you should ask this Juri!

I bought a stack of '50's Signet pb's from a U.S. dealer a couple of months ago and included was Sam S. Taylor's NO HEAD FOR HER PILLOW. I'd never heard of Taylor before, and Kevin Burton Smith's usually informative Thrilling Detective website has no info on Neal Cotten, so I slipped it to the bottom of the pile, but for some reason started reading it yesterday. Perhaps it was the caption above the title that reads REDHEADS - RACKETS - And MURDER! I mean, how could any rara avian resist!

I haven't finished it yet, but I'm enjoying it greatly. Neal Cotten is obviously a Marlowe knock-off, but he's interesting enough to sustain interest, with plenty of humour mixed with the action.

The brief bio on the back cover states that Taylor, quote: has written many radio scripts and magazine stories, end quote, so he could well be Harold Lloyd's scripter.

I'm assuming that this novel is the second of the three, as SLEEP NO MORE, is mentioned on the back cover. Do you know the title of the third?

- Paul

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