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From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 09 Sep 2000

In a recent Washington Post article, McQuarrie talked about wanting to make a grand epic about Alexander the Great, but when he couldn't get financing he finally relented and did another crime movie:

"Why not another crime film? they kept saying to me. And finally, I decided: Okay. Another crime film. But everybody wanted a crime film, but nobody wanted a film about criminals. No studio exec wants it darker and scarier. They want to make violence enjoyable and say,
'Here's the one time where it's okay.' They wanted theories of sympathy for the bad guys, ways of saying they weren't really responsible.

"But I just couldn't make another Lethal Weapon. To me, it's much more interesting to write from the point of view of what is wrong. I didn't want to be about characters who are sympathetic. I was convinced you could make a movie about despicable characters and still follow the movie. I never wanted to give you a reason to sympathize with them. There's no theory of their evil. They're bad because they're bad."

Not a bad manifesto for hardboiled, if you ask me.


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