RE: RARA-AVIS: Pelecanos: new one

From: Maura McMillan (
Date: 22 Aug 2000

>within the stereotype of the genre --

but this would imply that any writer must be bound to a genre. pelecanos doesn't declare himself a 'hardboiled' writer; he's just a writer. and as you say, what is right in fiction is up to the writer.

homosexuality as it comes up in his stories is generally a result of prison experience. the characters who are gay/or whatever are usually bad guys, yes. and bad guys usually are the ones with prison experience. duh.

i forget what the original fault-finding on this count was -- pelecanos doesn't include any gay 'good guys'? you want him to have a gay male protagonist? a gay female protagonist? why? unless he feels compelled to do so. anyway, if he's really 'the worst kind of liberal scum', i guess he'll get around to it. go george.

i have a tough time writing in a white male know it all POV myself, not having been one before.

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