RARA-AVIS: Pelecanos: new one

From: Peter Walker ( peterwalker@webtribe.net)
Date: 21 Aug 2000

Well, I was only talking to Mr P the other day and he had this to say about his new book:
"I got a book coming out called Right As Rain. The sub-text is that it's about racism in DC. We've had several incidences in the last few years where white cops have shot black cops in the line of duty. They roll up on a scene, they see a black guy reaching into his pocket, to get his ID, and they shoot him because a black cop out of uniform is just a 'nigger'. It's about this middle age black PI who used to be a cop and he teams up with a cop who was thrown of the force for that. It's new characters. It was time to get out of that bar!" Actually this forms part of an interview with Mr P I did for Tangled Web and since I know this fact will have you rushing to that very site for more, here is the URL: www.twbooks.co.uk Since meeting the big man I've gone out and got all his books and have just finished "King Suckerman" which, if I recall correctly, Kev Smith described as a great crime novel. Well I loved it, anyway. Incidentally, Eddie Duggan, if you are still out there, Mr P was none too happy about your comments in CT re the sexuality ofthe bad guys!! Pete

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