RARA-AVIS: Reading list = Monkey's Raincoat

From: Peter Davis ( yourflesh@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 21 Aug 2000

A paperback copy of The Monkey's Raincoat sat on my bookshelf for several years, untouched since I had purchased it on recommendation by a clerk at Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis. Said clerk was familiar with my favorite writers in the field: Willeford, Goodis, Pelecanos, but nonetheless, there the book sat, accumulating dust over the years. I'm glad then that this list prompted me to finally read The Monkey's Raincoat. Like most times I've stumbled onto a writer's work that I like, I just have to get my hands on, and sit down with everything I can get by 'em from there on out! Crais's is no exception either, and a different enough voice too. Steeped in traditions, however modern in tone, and in time. Wisecracking to a moderate fault but no more so a hinderance this than any other faultable trait of any other writers, including the ones I've read and don't like. I realize this doesn't add a hell of a lot to any intellectual debate--not really my intention--but I did want to add my two cents by saying thanks to the list for prompting my first author specific reading binge. Something that hasn't happened in a great while...Connelly, I think was the last, right about the time The Lasy Coyote was first released in hard cover. That's a long time.

Peter Davis, Your Flesh Mag

PS: Will report on new Pelecanos, "Right as Rain" next week. Got stalled with other things this week just passed so sorry for breaking my previous promise...

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