RARA-AVIS: Baby & Noir Book

From: Paul Duncan ( Paul.Duncan@asml.nl)
Date: 16 Jun 2000

Thanks to Mt and Jim for your suggestions re: naming the baby. I had considered calling him Raymond Ellroy Kersh but my girlfriend vetoed that (if only her killer look could be marketed...) ...his name is Josef. My girlfriend picked the name, I picked the spelling.

Bill, NOIR FICTION: DARK HIGHWAYS is 96 pages/37,000 words so a slim volume, but one which is packed full of info/opinion/ideas. The Pocket Essentials series (which I edit) mainly concentrates on Film subjects
(I've written a Film Noir companion book which lists over 500 Noirs), but has some TV and Literature titles (Stephen King, Philip K Dick, Cyberpunk, James Ellroy, Terry Pratchett all upcoming). With 2 titles a month, I have plenty of scope to cover many topics over a period of time.

- paul

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