RARA-AVIS: Hard-boiled good news

From: msmartha@earthlink.net
Date: 21 May 2000

Now that I've recovered from the Malice Domestic convention 2 weeks ago
(plucky sleuths! cat PI's! cook PI's! plucky cooking sleuths with cats!) and my teeth have stopped aching from all the sweetness, I am pleased to report that the hard-boiled novel cannot be dead, not as long as there's a new Richard Stark coming out. And there is.

According to the ad in the MD program, Flashfire, a Parker novel, will be published in November 2000. This is really great news because this book was supposed to come out last fall and didn't. It looked like maybe Parker's comeback had come and gone. Yayyy.

And I'd like to add that the hard-boiled genre has a major fan in Sonny Mehta, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of Knopf. Some of his books in the past year were God Is A Bullet, California Fire and Life, Everybody Smokes In Hell and the latest Robert Ferrigno, the title of which escapes me at the moment. As long as he is on the job, there will be hb fiction on the bookshelves.

Finally, if anyone's looking for a great hb book, try The Narrowback by Michael Ledwige. It's not a PI story, it's about a criminal trying to escape the scene of the crime. It's as dark and raw as a Pittsburgh-style steak.

Regards, Martha

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