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From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 20 May 2000

Juri wrote:

"Do you consider that you're living in a civilized country (or countries)? "A relatively osbcure film"?! One of Truffaut's better-known films, it has been shown in Finnish television! At least twice in my lifetime. The Finnish Film Archive runs the film on a pretty regular basis."

I'm not sure being shown in a Film Archive is evidence against a film's obscurity.

I can't speak for Kevin's Canada, but as for the States, I would hazard a guess that few besides cineasts know, much less have seen, Shot the Piano Player. Yes, it has shown on US TV, but usually on public broadcasting (besides, with all of the cable channels and time to fill on US TV, every film, no matter how obscure, gets shown at some point). Yes, it plays in repertory, although there are fewer and fewer of those since the advent of home video (it is available on video). However, it was never a blockbuster here. Indeed, few foreign films are. One of the features of US cultural imperialism is that foreign (to us) culture seldom rises above subcultural taste. And Shoot the Piano Player was never remade into a US movie, the fate of many popular French films.


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