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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 21 May 2000

Guess I wasn't thinking too clearly. Certainly I didn't mean to reject female hb writers en masse, and I'm particularly interested in some of the wilder, lesser-known ones. (Some time ago there was some discussion about a book written by a female that you either loved or hated? IGUANA something? Do I have this right? I might check that one out.) But I am skeptical of the whole mainstream female PI thing -- the Paretesky/Grafton school, for lack of a better word -- and unless someone really persuades me otherwise, I'll probably live the rest of my life having never opened one of those kind of books. Life is short, after all, and I've got too many other things to read.


--- Jess Nevins <> wrote: My one experience with
> a
> > female PI writer -- Marcia Muller's WOLF IN THE
> > SHADOWS -- was not encouraging. As I said before,
> I
> > think this is a bad, dull book by a mediocre
> writer. I
> > picked it up because people I respect (Ed Gorman
> in
> > this case, I think) had written that this was the
> pick
> > of the litter. That may or may not be true, but
> I'm
> > certainly not going to be picking up any of her
> > brethern anytime soon.
> You'd really reject the writing of -every- female
> writer
> in the genre just because one book by one writer
> didn't
> thrill you?

===== Doug Bassett

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