RARA-AVIS: City of Angels Bookstores

From: Michael Chong ( mchong@ytv.com)
Date: 17 May 2000

The city that Chandler built.

While there on business, I went to two book stores. Mystery Pier and The Mystery Book Store. Mystery Pier was cool, in a shack at the back of a regular book store. It had tons of HC HB including a complete set of Pelecanos, whom I haven't read yet. Prices were...large.

Then there was the Mystery Book Store. I first noticed all the vintage PB behind the counter as I walked in. After looking through the stacks, and not finding any of the authors I usually look for, I asked if I could check out the vintage stuff behind the desk. The guy behind the counter could have been Ellison in another life. As he watched the Lakers on a little television, I scoured the book case. A sliding ladder let me see the stacks higher up. WOW! I found Willeford's Ward 7, Cockfighter, Frederic Brown's The Fabulous Clipjoint and Thompson's Cropper's Cabin. Willeford's Ward 7 was going for $15 American! Much cheaper than the $60 Canadian I saw it for at the Toronto Pulp Show. The Clipjoint was only $5 American. There was much more I wanted, needed, but they were unpriced and the guy watching the store was not the regular storekeeper, so he didn't know the exact prices.

It was a motherlode of Charles Williams, Brown, Prather, Himes, Cain, etc.

Check it out next time you're there.

Whaddya mean streets?


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